About us

Mission + Theory of Change

EcoManka engages and supports youth in initiating local environmental  and sustainable activities through high quality digital gamified courses. 

If we educate the youth in underprivileged communities on local relevant environmental challenges and  solutions, then we are able to support their professional career development by advancing new eco-sustainable initiatives leading to more sustainable sources of revenue. 

If private schools include a gamified engaging eco-curriculum their students will become more aware and active on the environmental activism scene thereby leading to more sustainable development initiatives benefiting their own local communities. 

Vision of our Solution

Making the EcoManka curriculum available globally so we can advance eco-education and direct engagement to youth populations.

Team & Supporters

Co-Founders: Renzo Luttges, Teddy Florea
Team: Joelle Atallah, Yoeri Staal, Oleksii Izvalov, Diana Benincore, Tarja Kontturi, Patrick Rose, Gabriel Voto