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About us

What is Eco-Manka

Eco-Manka is a global educational gaming program created by a growing network of passionate multidisciplinary and multi-culturally engaged people. It sets up a digital interactive platform that enables immersive learning experiences based on video games with environmentally focused content targeting teenagers in their own classrooms.

EcoManka engages and supports youth in initiating local environmental  and sustainable activities through high quality digital gamified courses.

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If regular schools include a gamified engaging eco-curriculum their students will become more aware and active on the environmental activism scene thereby leading to more sustainable development initiatives benefiting their own local communities. 


a. Facilitating youth leadership towards initiating eco-sustainable practices in their own local district/community with a strong emphasis on civil society and volunteering.
b. Creating a r(evolutionising) school eco-curriculum by making a fun, easily accessible, and experiential digital learning platform for sustainability.
c. Building awareness with potential training on digital knowledge through access to technology and game play via inbuilt classroom curriculum.
d. Promoting sustainable practices in urban settings, and driving civic engagement from the local youth.
e. Generating compassion for nature and own community habitat
f. Supporting engagement onto local entrepreneurship project

Team & Supporters

Co-Founders: Teddy Florea, Daisi Sprenk  
Team: Yoeri Staal, Petter Barve, Dr. Vesela Tanaskovic, Francine Kliemann, Ranko Trifkovic, Eline Charles, Gabriel Voto, Bibiana Cala, Emily Craven, Sargis Aghayan