What we do

Local Environmental Educational NGOS in Vulnerable Communities

EcoManka supports underprivileged vulnerable communities through gamified digital educational programs co-designed with community members. Through the program we aim to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way, acquiring the necessary digital, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, as well as learning about environmental and climate challenges from a local perspective.

We are currently implementing our first pilot in Colombia, in collaboration with the University of Antioquia, the Urabá-Darien-Caribe ecotourism corporation and the local community in Bocas del Atrato. Eco-manka is leading the development of an innovative game-based curriculum that will allow local youth to learn about their natural and cultural heritage, the environmental challenges of their community and motivate them to ideate and execute solutions involving sustainable ecotourism 

Our goal is to scale this experience via a digital platform, so local NGOs in different parts of the world can replicate its impacts and motivate underprivileged inhabitants to learn and take effective action in solving the relevant  climate challenges in their region. As the projects go forward, a library of digital, game-based educational resources will be available for a variety of topics related to the environment, leadership, and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Environmental NGOS, interested in supporting local environmental problems in your communities? Would you like to co-create, and have access to gamified highly engaging kits to support local youth education and engagement? 


Contact us here to discuss your vision and co-create an educational kit together

Private Schools

Eco-Manka transforms the way eco-sustainable values are taught in private high schools by creating a fun and engaging student-centric community focused on curriculum that generates civic behavior and activism amongst its beneficiaries. 

We will use gamified experiential eco-learning tools designed for local youth in socio-economic privileged communities to become civically active with neighbourhood related problems and thus increasing overall direct volunteering activities. 

We aim to show, in our curriculum, that the needs to answer nature’s social, and environmental challenges are similar among all communities, and could be tackled by using technology, arts, and education for leadership and sustainability. 

Through this project, local high school students will choose a preferred neighborhood environmental challenge, and from it learn about: 

  1. Spreading awareness and knowledge about global and local sustainability issues 
  2. The impact they can create and the change they can actively contribute to.
  3. New digital skills developed through the platform for education. 


  • a. Facilitating youth leadership towards initiating eco-sustainable practices in their own local district/community with a strong emphasis on civil society and volunteering.
  • b. Creating a r(evolutionising) school eco-curriculum by making a fun, easily accessible, and experiential digital learning platform for sustainability.
  • c. Building awareness with potential training on digital knowledge through access to technology and game play via inbuilt classroom curriculum.
  • d. Promoting sustainable practices in urban settings, and driving civic engagement from the local youth.

Private schools – interested in adding a highly engaging gamified eco-educational kit in your curriculum? Would you like to directly follow the UNited Nations Sustainable Development Goals in your academic program? Contact us for more info on how we can partner through the EcoManka curriculum. A