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Interested in adding a highly engaging gamified eco-educational kit in your curriculum? Would you like to directly follow the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in your academic program? Contact us for more info on how we can partner through the EcoManka curriculum. For any questions contact us at

Environmental NGOS

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Interested in supporting local environmental problems in your communities? Would you like to co-create, and have access to gamified highly engaging kits to support local youth education and engagement? Contact us here to discuss your vision and co-create an educational kit together.


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Does our innovative idea resonate with yours? Do you want to be part of our team, and make the dream come true? We are open to all types of collaborations, and would love to welcome you in!
Contact us at

Game Developers

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Have you developed an awesome environmental educational game? Do you want to inspire the next generation in becoming more eco-responsible, and support their communities? Do you want to partake in an awesome gamified engaging eco- curriculum?

For any questions contact us at

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