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Eco-Manka is a global educational gaming program created by a growing network of passionate multidisciplinary and multi-culturally engaged people. It sets up a digital interactive platform that enables immersive learning experiences based on video games with environmentally focused content targeting teenagers in their own classrooms.

Game Developers

Have you developed an awesome environmental educational game? Do you want to inspire the next generation in becoming more eco-responsible, and support their communities?

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Does our Soul Dream resonate with yours? Do you want to be part of our team, and make the dream come true? We are open to all types of collaborations, and would love to welcome you in!
Contact us at info@ecomanka.net

We are Soul Dreamers, a passionate team working for the care of humanity, society, environment and sustainability. Our team consists of more than 10 funny and fun people covering 4 continents and ranging in professions from academics, social workers, community builders, methodologists, marketing, and business personnel.

– Soul Dreamers